General Advice

Can I withdraw a complaint or statement to police?

Criminal lawyers are often asked about getting charges dropped because the alleged victim or complainant no longer wishes to go ahead with the charges. Most commonly, we see this in relation to domestic violence charges. A person may wish to withdraw a complaint or statement for a variety of reasons.…
April 14, 2020
Going to Court

Coronavirus and Court: Covid-19 FAQ

FAQ: I have been issued with a notice to appear in Court for a new charge – do I need to attend? My matter is already before the Court – do I need to attend? What will happen to persons in custody? My licence is currently suspended awaiting Court to…
March 23, 2020
Legal Fees

Applying for Legal Aid in Criminal Law Matters

Hans Legal is a preferred Legal Aid supplier in Ipswich and is committed to making the application process as stress-free as possible for individuals charged with criminal offences. This article sets out the requirements and process to apply for Legal Aid funding. Feel free to contact us to discuss your…
January 9, 2020
Drink drivingTraffic Law

Alcohol Ignition Interlock Laws in Queensland

An ignition interlock is a device aimed at preventing a person from operating a motor vehicle if their blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds zero. Queensland interlock laws were introduced in 2010 and apply to offenders convicted of particular drink driving offences. Who is subject to interlock conditions? Interlock conditions are…
December 13, 2019
Going to Court

An introduction to the Court Link program

Ipswich was the third court in Queensland to offer defendants facing criminal charges with the opportunity to participate in the Court Link program. Court Link is a program designed solely to address and overcome underlying causes behind criminal offending. This article explores the program in more detail to help understand…
November 21, 2019
Criminal Law

What happens when police seize your property

Many persons who are charged with criminal offences tend to have property items seized by police either at the time of arrest or during the execution of a search warrant. It is helpful to understand how to retrieve property once it has been seized by police or in what circumstances…
October 20, 2019
Criminal LawWeapons

Gel blaster gun laws in Queensland

Ever wondered where our laws sit with these realistic looking toys? In this article we take a look at Queensland’s laws and the risks that go along with improper use. Gel blasters, also known as gel ball shooters, are toy guns that shoot soft gel balls over short distances. The…
August 6, 2019
Going to Court

An introduction to the new Ipswich Murri Court

After its closure in 2012, the Ipswich Murri Court is due to re-open in June 2019. We’ve highlighted some basic information for those wanting to know more about this unique and important initiative. WHY THE MURRI COURT IS IMPORTANT Our Indigenous population is grossly over-represented in the prison system. The…
June 7, 2019