Most of us rely on our drivers licence for employment and getting by on a day to day basis. Queensland legislation has strict mandatory disqualification periods that apply to most traffic offences in court. Don’t leave your licence to chance. Get expert advice today.

Drink and drug driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are among the most common traffic offences that come before the court. A loss of licence must occur for any driving offence involving drugs or alcohol, but work licences are available for some offences. The Court must also impose a separate penalty which usually ranges from fines to periods of imprisonment.

Before entering any plea, it is important that you obtain advice from a traffic lawyer to understand what penalties may follow and whether alternative options are available. Our lawyers have dealt with every type of traffic offence and can advise you about the best possible solution in your matter. We frequently secure our clients minimum disqualification periods and reduced charges through negotiation.

Work licences

Applications for work licences and special hardship licenses can be complicated and detailed. Queensland legislation requires the person applying for a work licence to provide affidavits from themself and their employer to satisfy certain criteria.

Hans Legal can determine whether you are eligible to apply for a work licence and represent you in preparing all documents and the application in court.

Generally speaking, work licences are available to persons charged with low or mid range drink driving and driving with a relevant drug present. Special hardship licences are available to persons who have exceeded their demerit points and breached their good driving behaviour period. However, previous licence disqualifications within five years and other matters can make a person ineligible to apply. Contact us today for expert advice about your matter.


Unlicensed driving

Anyone who drives on a Queensland road must hold a valid drivers licence. The most common forms of unlicensed driving arise from SPER suspensions, dermit points and court-imposed disqualifications.

Unlicensed driving is often treated very seriously by the courts. Penalties can include licence disqualification, fines and periods of imprisonment. While work licences are not available for unlicensed driving charges, we can help you secure the best possible outcome which might be a reduction of the charges or obtaining the minimum disqualification period.

We can help you with any traffic law matter

Even if you aren’t required to attend court, we can provide you advice about your prospects of disputing any ticket or demerit point offence. We regularly provide advice and representation regarding the following matters:

  • DUI or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving above the general or middle alcohol limit
  • Work licence applications
  • Restricted licence applications
  • Special hardship licence applications
  • Driving above the no alcohol limit
  • Driving unlicensed (including as a repeat offender)
  • Disqualified driving or driving while disqualified by court order
  • Driving while demerit point suspended
  • Driving while SPER suspended
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Drug driving
  • Driving with relevant drug present in blood or saliva
  • Speeding
  • Traffic infringement notices
  • Fail to stop/ evade Police
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Dylan Hans

Director and principal lawyer of Hans Legal, a criminal law firm in Ipswich, Queensland.